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Course dates for 2019

Here you'll find set dates for our most popular courses. Other courses are arranged to suit your needs.

2018/19 Course dates.


We can offer fixed dates for courses or we can arrange a date to suit you incuding weekends.

Dates for Large Tree Felling (CS32), Windblown Trees (CS34), Tree Climbing and other machinery including strimmers/brushcutters, chippers and stumpgrinder courses can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Chainsaw Crosscutting & Maintenance courses:- 

Course cost £200.00 per person. Assessment £133.00 per person

6-7th May 2019, 20-21st May 2019

3-4th June 2019, 17-18th June 2019

1-2 July 2019, 15-16th July 2019, 29-30th July 2019

12-13th August 2019, 26-17th August 2019

9-10th September 2019

7-8th October 2019, 21-22nd October 2019

4-5th November 2019, 18-19th November 2019

2-3rd December 2019, 16-17th December 2019



Small Tree Felling courses:-

Course cost £300.00 per person. Assessment cost £109.00 per person

13-16th May 2019

10-13th June 2019

8-11th July 2019

19-22nd August 2019

2-5th September 2019

14-17th October 2019

11-14th November 2019


Large Tree Felling Courses:-

Course cost £300.00 per person. Assessment cost £144.00 per person

Dates arranged to order

Multiple Windblown Trees

Course cost £325.00 per person. Assessment cost £190.00 per person

Dates arranged to order


Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue

Course cost £400.00 per person. Assessment cost £129.00 per person

 Dates arranged to order


Aerial Cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free-fall techniques.

Course Cost £259.00. Assessment cost £109.00 per person.

 Dates arranged to order


Occassional User Maintenance and felling up to 200mm courses:-

Dates arranged to order


Forestry machinery training courses are arranged to order and according to machine.








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